Silent Line – Shattered Shores

After 3 years at sea Silent Line are releasing a new album names Shattered Shores on the 30th. A Great blend of Groove and Death Metal, with plenty of sea storm based themes here. Well worth picking up.

Track Listing: Silent Line – Shattered Shores
1. Frost of The Night (5:46)
2. Erosion (3:52)
3. Black And White (3:21)
4. Shattered Shores I Timeless Night (5:45)
5. Summer Song (5:40)
6. Starfall (4:08)
7. Shattered Shores II A New Beginning (8:08)
8. Into The Chasm (4:39)
9. The Faceless Shadow (6:24)
10. Embrace the End (5:19)
Album Length: 53:07

Album Credits:
All songs performed by: Silent Line
All songs written by: Silent Line
Produced by: Mike Burton
Mixed by: Mike Burton
Mastered by: Jens Bogren
Album & Live Band Line Up: Mike Burton (vocals, guitar), Adam Kallstrom (drums), Andy Sidloski (bass), Randy Bergh (guitar)

Photo: Brittany Kallstrom Photography
Thanks to Asher