Halloween Week October File as Zombies

Back in 2010 The DarkCompass Metal Show was just coming into it’s own. Candlelight had a competitions to go to see the premier of Zombie Driftwood, and go to Candlefest that year, and I won both.

It was, putting in bluntly, a B movie of the lowest degree. It was a movie, not about Zombies, but more about the music, and October File, a band which I had only really just discovered, was focused upon.They were the cruise ships band that got undead-ed on the way to the beach, where they got a chance to perform there, in front of other Zombies, almost like a metal “Thriller” (Send your hate it someone else please).

Now October File have been around for a while, bouncing off the Post Punk scene, getting involved with Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke, and then becoming a full fledged metal band with “Our Souls To You”, still one of my favourite albums.

Candlefest was a blast, seeing then live and joking about the blood and guts. I have ever since been smitten by Ben and the boys workmanship and conviction to their art. I last saw them at Hammerfest8, where Steve and I discussed the future of British television and I cringed at his wanton destruction of Cilla Black’s accent. Matt on the other hand, was a perfect gentleman.
Recently Ben broke his ankle during this years Tough Mudder event, I hope he make a speedy recovery.

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