DC655 Best of 2014

  1. Skarlett Riot: Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen (Scunthorpe, UK, DC615)
  2. Ghost of War: We’re an American Band (from “Only Death is Real”, Pennsylvania, USA)
  3. Junius: Forgiving the Cleaning Meteor (from “Day of The Fallen Sun”, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  4. Babymetal: Give Me Chocolate (from “Baby Metal”, Japan)
  5. Plini: Rupture (from “I”, Australia)
  6. Collisions: We Know The Enemy (Brighton, UK)
  7. October File: I **** the Day (from “The Application of Loneliness…., UK, Candlelight)
  8. Idiom: Movement (from “Movement”, UK)
  9. Die So Fluid: Black Blizzard (from “The Opposites of Light”, UK/USA)
  10. Stitched Up Heart: Frankenstein (USA)
  11. The Sun Explodes: Serpentine (from “We Build Mountains”, USA)
  12. Marmosets: Why Do You Hate Me (UK, Roadrunner Records)
  13. Kvelertak: Kvelertak (from “Meir”, Norway, RoadRunner Records)
  14. Kirra: Forgive Me (Oklahoma, USA)
  15. A Higher Demise: All These Reasons (from “The Doctor will See You Now”, Bromley, UK)
  16. Inherit The Stars: Caught in The Crossfire (Sheffield, UK, Amplicon Records)
  17. Vault of Eagles: Spoonfed Dead (Kidderminster, UK)
  18. Devilment: Girl from Mystery Island (from, “The Great and Secret Show”, Suffolk, UK)
  19. Anup Shastry: Titan (from “Titan”, USA)
  20. Royal Blood: Come on Over (from “Royal Blood”, Brighton, UK)
  21. Sister Sin: Chaos Royale ( from “Black Lotus”, Germany, Victory Records)
  22. Flyleaf: Traitor (from “Between the Stars”, Texas USA, Pledge Music)
  23. Psychostick: Bruce Campbell (from “Revenge of The Vengeance”, USA, Asher)
  24. Shiran: Warm Winter Day (from “Warm Winter Day”, Israel, Clawhammer)
  25. I am Giant: Razor Wire Reality (from “Science & Survival”, UK)


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