DC653 Stalked Black Forest

  1. Existential Animals: Stalked Vestige (from “Surrealith”,  Ohio,  USA)
  2. Mörti Viventi: The Day The Dead Returned (from “The Day The Dead Returned”, UK)
  3. Transcend: The Enemy within (from “Polymerase Chain”, UK)
  4. I am Giant: Death of You (from “Science and Survival, UK)
  5. Tom Fuller Band: Freedom (from “Freedom”, Chicago, USA)
  6. Buried by Bears: Game Over (UK)
  7. AvaGrace: Two Years (Kent, UK)
  8. Manilla Road: Out of the Abyss (from “Out of the Abyss”, USA)
  9. Velvetine: Last Night (Surrey, UK)
  10. fubear.: Lords of The Frail (from “Hopeless”, Jyväskylä Finland)
  11. SSS: Capacity Overload (from “Limp.Gasp.Collapse”, Liverpool, Prosthetic Records)
  12. Oslo Ess: Midnatt (from “Christmas Carnage”, Norway,  Indie Recordings)
  13. Nervochaos: Shadows of Destruction (from “The Art of Vengeance”, Brazil, Greyhaze Records, Clawhammer)
  14. Solefald: Songen: Vargen  (from “Christmas Carnage”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  15. Extol: Sting of Death (from “Christmas Carnage”, Norway,  Indie Recordings)
  16. Deathbed Reunion: Bad Phase  (from “Christmas Carnage”, Norway,  Indie Recordings)
  17. Bornstellar: Wake The World (from “Self Destruct”, North Carolina, USA)
  18. Wayfarer: Children of The Iron Age (from “Children of The Iron Age, Colorado, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  19. By The Patient: Ruled by The Death (from “Gehenna”, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  20. To Be King: Fear Not (Single, Virginia, USA)
  21. Chronologist: Sky Garden (Single, Boston, USA)
  22. Zero Down: No Limit to the Evil (from “No Limit to the Evil”, Seattle, USA)
  23. Handel Und Gretyl: Black Forest Metal (from “Black Forest Metal”, USA, Metropolis Records)


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