DC626 Victims Secrets


  1. Eyes of Mara: Victims (California, USA, Imminence/Persistent Heart)
  2. Kadinja: We are One (Paris, France)
  3. Process Pain: Life Beyond Reason (Finland, Inverse)
  4. Flub: Salieri (California, USA)
  5. Haelo: Desiderius (Hungary)
  6. Revelus: Better Than You (NC, USA, Shadow Ent)
  7. Hollow: Cryptic Howling (Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  8. Core of Io: I wish I had Time (UK)
  9. Skarlett Riot: Tear Me Down (Scunthorpe, UK)
  10. Orange Goblin: The Ale House Braves (London, UK, Candlelight)
  11. Exist Immortal: The Omen Machine (London, UK)
  12. SOiL: The Hate Song (Chicago, USA)
  13. AC Angry: Hellrock Anthem (Saarbrücken, Germany)
  14. Confession: Holy War (Melbourne, Australia, Lifeforce)
  15. Henric Blomqvist & Friends: Thunderbrigade (Jakobstad. Finland, Inverse)
  16. Mordbrand: Their Name are Myriads (Sweden, Deathgasm)
  17. Red Eleven: Unleash the Beast (Finland, Lifeforce)
  18. As The Storm: Black Tide (Bordeaux, France)
  19. Ifing: The Stream (Michigan, USA)
  20. Namtar: Awaken Dream (Hungary)

Picture: Core of Io, Photo by Greig Clifford

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