DC 584 Cathartic Silhouettes

This week, stormy weather and royal babies. The apocalypse has started. Lets tune in with some great music from, well, mainly Germany this week.
Pic: Shining

You will hear:

  1. Weapon Status Red: Silhouettes USA, Donarus
  2. Red Seas Fire: Turner and Hooch UK
  3. Extol: A Gift Beyond Human Reach Norway
  4. Scanner: You’re Out of School and No One Cares USA
  5. Arts of Erebus: Point of No Return Germany
  6. Shining: I Won’t Forget Norway, Prosthetic
  7. Scale The Summit: Odyssey USA, Prosthetic Records
  8. Witches Mark: Glaves USA
  9. I Am The Trireme: ILC, Eternal Wrath of The Tyrant USA
  10. Dehuman Reign: Irreversible Soul Consumption Germany, FDA Rekotz, Clawhammer
  11. Trash The Dress: Make It A Double USA
  12. DOLL: Plastic Lies Canada, Asher
  13. Circles: As It is Above Australia, Basick
  14. Wound: Echoes Germany
  15. Burial Vault: Catharsis Germany, Apostasy Records, Clawhammer

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