DC578 Reborn from Eyes

This week, on a full metal mood with some epic tracks from around the world. Are you at Download? What’s your festival favourite?
Don’t forget, if you want your music played here submit music via our page, and London Podcrawl is on for June 22nd, be sure to come, follow the event on Twitter with the #podcrawl tag.

Pic: Meka Nism

You will hear:

  1. BornBroken: Reborn from The Ashes Canada, Asher
  2. Black Mesa Preservation Society: Chaos Netherlands, Direct
  3. Meka Nism: Rise USA, Direct
  4. Continents: Idle Hands Wales, Victory Records
  5. Motherload: One Man Army UK, Fully Loaded, Plastic Head
  6. GraViL: March of The Titans (Feat Cradle of Filth) UK, Stampede
  7. Negator: The Urge of Battle Germany
  8. Demon Lung: Binding The Witch USA, Candlelight
  9. Die Apolkayptischen Reiter: Metal Will Never Die (Live) Germany, Direct
  10. Daze of Dawn: Falling in Love Spain
  11. Hybrid: Cuando El Destino Alcance Spain, Deepsend, Clawhammer
  12. Reperium: Deterioration UK, Direct
  13. Crash Mansion: Money UK, Transcend
  14. Dot The Eye: Open Your Eyes Serbia , Music Submit

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