DC 568 Chocolate Withdrawl Mixtape

This week, turning my head away from easter eggs and just not enough time in the week to do anything podcast like, so a mixtape is in order.
Normal service resumes next week.

You will hear:

  1. Wolves Like Us: Deathless, Norway
  2. Aimee Francis: Don’t Wanna Know, Australia
  3. Jambassa: Like Silence, Italy
  4. Chance: Happening, USA
  5. Thomas Dolby: Oceanea, UK
  6. The Fins: Ouroboros, UK
  7. Let’s Buy Happiness: Works better on Paper, UK
  8. Pythia: Sarah, UK
  9. Tweaker: Linoleum, USA
  10. Jade Leary: Soft Moon Rides, Canada
  11. Lab 64: Siamese, Australia
  12. Ludovico Technique: Wired for Destruction, USA
  13. Assemblage 23: Collapse, USA
  14. Julia’s Window: Sleeping Time, Finland
  15. Daniel Land and The Modern Painters: Off You Face Again, UK

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