DC 555 New and Improved

A return to normal, This being a new and improved enhanced podcast, who would of thought you’ve been getting old and inferior mp3s over the past 8 years (which you can still get by the way). My wish for a Tardis comes true, and a great break up in North Wales, listening to great free music including a great compilation courtesy of AF Music – Download Here. Always good to hear Carl Sagans Voice.

Picture: The Pale Blue Dot

You will hear:

  1. Corsair: Of Kings and Cowards (USA, Clawhammer)
  2. Cub Scouts: I Told You So (Australia)
  3. Aeon Sable: Algorithm of None (Germany, Promonetics)
  4. Inure: The Call (USA)
  5. Cellarscape: Patience and Zara (UK)
  6. The Dirty Youth: Last Confession (UK)
  7. Hywel Davies: Duo 6 (UK, Prescription)
  8. The Night Marchers: All Hits (USA)
  9. Monument: Teeth and Nails (Germany)
  10. Heathered Pearls: Raising Our Ashes (Poland, Ghostly)
  11. Dave Dark and The Sharks: Pale Blue Dot (Wales)
  12. Flowers in Flames: Without Pity (USA AF Music)

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