DC 549 Heavy Duty Moody

This week, people asking me if I want to go out for a drink – and I don’t want to, what’s up with me?
Just in a Heavy Duty Mood, nothing is appealing to me this week. I’m even down at HMV this week for their policies and how music compilation albums are really popular, are they good for the artists, out of sync with modern music culture.
With the festive season booming, what do you get for people who can buy what they want when they want? Tell me please!
There are some shows missing from The DarkCompass Archive, can you help?

Picture: Neurobash

You will hear:

  1. The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets: Downtown (In the Cenozoic) (UK)
  2. Neurobash: Continuum (Sweden)
  3. Digital Deformation: Occupy (UK, Promonetics)
  4. Uni_Form: Mental (Portugal, AFMusic)
  5. The Yes Mess: Short Circuit (UK)
  6. FLeCK: Missing (Greece)
  7. Cling: The End (UK, Deuce)
  8. Fertile Reality: Cash & Carry (Netherlands, Promonetics)
  9. Kill Memory Crash: Hit and Run (USA, Ghostly)
  10. Black Summer: Alive (USA, Music Submit)

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