DC 546 Project Yakshave

Last week, moving things around in the shed, sorting things from the shed to what we like and what we don’t like, ditching things we don’t and giving things, that we don’t like but work. The reclamation of bedrooms from old plates and spoons, broken records, CDs and pink filing cabinets.
The final dismantle of the Omnibed, the bus bunk. Giving things away so that people can car boot. Good luck to them, and the need to do it at the flat in London. We all have more than we can comfortably use theses days.
Whilst away I did listen to some great music, some of it you will be hearing here, and in the coming weeks – my playlists are already full.

Picture: Tweaker

You will hear:
Golden Apes: Torment, Germany (AFMusic)Cancer Killing Gemini: Queen of Heartbreak, USA
You Shriek: Passion of Lovers, USA
Heaven’s Cry: Realigning, Canada (Prosthetic)Jordan Reyne: The Proximity of Death, UK/Australia
Giants: Another Day, Another Year, UK (Smash IT PR)Sinerider: Midnight Lullaby, USA
Pavilions: Science and Gods, UK (Transcend)Autumn Owls: Spare Room, Ireland (Prescription PR)My Jerusalem: Oh Little Sister, USA (Prescription PR)Uni_Form: Shadows, Portugal (AFMusic)The Birthday Massacre: Need, Canada(Metropolis)Tweaker: Nothing at All (Feat. Jessicka Addams), USA

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1 thought on “DC 546 Project Yakshave

  1. Shawn says:

    Cool bed! I hope somebody steps up and buys it from you.

    I’ve given away lots of stuff thru Freecycle and Craigslist. I’m sure some of the stuff was resold. There’s really no way to know for sure what people are planning to do with the stuff they take. Ultimately, all I care about is just getting it out of my way.

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