DC 535 Bring the Madness

This week, Im thinking of changing into a madman with all the travel I am doing over the next few weeks, but hey when Im not I’m mellowing out. The flat is quiet without Charlotte, need to stock up the fridge. Old Albums outselling new ones with a notable “catalogue” albums like Dark Side of the Moon getting more play. More papers in the UK are becoming free, now, London’s Time Out. Reading more with free newspapers. Pussy Riot get 2 years, and we’re not happy about it, and The 17th Air Guitar World Championship, reaches it’s climax this weekend.

Picture: Devils Niece (Air Guitar Champion)

You will hear:
Piano Magic: Higher Definition, UK
Kyshera: Made in China, Wales
Bodyface: Get Away, USA
Ghost In the Static: Fallout, UK
Daystar: Mrs. Joe, UK
Daniel Land and The Modern Painters: Lovelife, UK
Omega Male: Omega Male, UK
PAWS: Miss American Bookworm, Scotland
Celt Islam: The Siege, UK
Catgut: The Death of Gordon Brown, UK

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