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DC 529 Care Less

Lots of people saying “Nooooo” to my idea of retiring, which was nice, so this week, back from my break and a decision to do less, in fact a decision to care less too. The much needed break took me to seeing The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy Radio Show Live, and seeing Men in Black 3, which was OK. Apprentice loser get funding from someone else, and so wins, and Lord Sir Alan Sugar onto a loser with You View, in my opinion of course. A viral Cat video festival, really. Waste of Internet. Every Pixar Short in one place, and Hooch returns from the drinking grave.

Picture The Windup Dolls.

You will hear:

Jade Leary: Fossildawn, Canada
Assemblage 23: Over & Out, USA
My Dynamite: If We’re Lyin’, Australia
The Trews: One By One, USA
The Windup Dolls: The Header, USA
Mr. Meeble: Liar, France
Villa Cola: Rolling Nines, UK
Ace of Space: Arponea, UK
Strings of Atlas: Don’t want The World, USA
Cancer Killing Gemini: Your Inner Psychopath Sometimes Shows, USA

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