DC 519 Titanic Missiles

This week, second attempt at recording, and even some interaction when I do so. Recovering from disc failure with some great bands sending me tunes. The Space opens, with John Peels first 100 records. I’m out of touch. Duran Duran to be in the spotlight at the olympics, the best of UK music? Mmm, alongside them will be battleships, fight aircraft and Surface to Air Missiles (not air to surface!), which is overkill, literally. Should I do news? Oz billionaire to make Titanic float again, making a new one with 21st Century technology shoehorned in to 1912’s design, will it fit?

Picture: Artemis and Divasonic

You will hear:
ProleteR: April Showers, France
Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K: Did I Forget (To Tell You I Love You), UK
The Yes Mess: Criminal (Acoustic), UK
The Dirty Youth: Rise Up, Wales
Darling Parade: Never Fall Down, USA
Sparrow: Beautiful, UK
Artemis: Treasure, USA
Burning Shapes: Someone Else’s Words, UK
Still inLimbo: Sail Away, USA
Knifeworld: Clairovoyant Fortnight, UK

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