DC 515 Fatty Snooping

This week, I’ve been put on a low-fat diet, and my diet sheet. Must stop eating Caviar.
The government will be snooping on all email and webtraffic here in the UK, a turnaround for the government who when they were in opposition, said no, let the public decide.
Bono and The Edge invest in Dropbox, should I find an alternative?
Sonisphere cancelled, was it lack of ticket sales or that Kiss was headlining? and Stilettos for men, high fashion in India, but will it take off here?

Picture: Killing Joke

You will hear:
Thee Orphans: Running with The Wrong Crowd, UK
Killing Joke: In Cythera, UK
Great Lake Swimmers: Still (Live), Canada
2econd Class Citizen: Wishing Well, UK
Skinflick: Original Sin, Wales
Drowning Susan: Enquirer (Cellmod Remix), Canada
A Rainy Day in Bergen: Grey Haze, Italy
Fresh Body Shop: Weird Sunday, France
Ian Narcisi: Come of Age (New Sun), USA
The Fierce and the Dead: On VHS, UK
Broken Cities: Toska, USA
Nedry: Float, UK

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