DC 490 Suffer the Minion

This week, cannot get motivated. My predictions for XFactor 2011, and a charity single, even though their audience is down by 2 million this year. Will the Avengers be any good?, Sony again suffer with hacking, what the problem? Sort it.
An experiment with a famous voilinist, Joshua Bell busking outside a bus station. An experiment in music. Do you appreciate buskers? You should. Think about Show 500 – I know that it’s 10 weeks away. (Oh and the film I forgot, it was Source Code

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Picture: Brooke Waggoner

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You will hear:
Dum Dum Girls: Bedroom Eyes, USA
The Open Up and Bleeds: This Noise, Sweden
Bernie Bandicoot: Dagget, Ukraine
Brooke Waggoner: Go Easy Little Doves, I’ll be Fine, USA
The Hawk in Paris: The New Hello, USA
Peter Bradley Adams: London Bridge is Falling Down, USA
Circus Envy: Say Something, UK
My Extraordinary: Reality, UK
Dead When I found her: In the Air tonight, USA
Karena K: Midnight Walk, UK

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