DC 488 Feisty Iconoclasm

This week, back to normal and my feisty self. Phone interview with Dan, from Model Society. I want to do more of those. I’m winning my battles, and feeling good about it. Never failing, but flailing at gaming, one of my fave artists Thomas Dolby, back in the scene. Christmas is coming earlier and earlier, beware my Halloween costume.Bill Bailey to be on Doctor Who!, Nirvana in Top 5 albums this week with re re re release of Nevermind. 20th anniversary or something. Another Frank Zappa Book I will be buying, talked about here, and the author interviewed on the BBC World Service here. Cinemas worried in the UK all their money will go to the Olympics, tosh!, and 3D Cinema considered a gimmick here in the UK, Yes, result!.


Picture: Model Society

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You will hear:
Arrebatto Ensemble: Verdades, Australia
Bad Habit: Namless
Model Society: Systematic, UK
Anemo: Fives and Sixes, UK
Heavy Young Heathens: Figueroa Street, USA
Los Campesinos: By Your Hand, UK
Julia Sinclair: Here and Gone, USA
The Search: From The Glass Jar, Sweden
Trips and Falls: Marginally More Than Mildly Annoying, Canada
FLeCK: The Apostate, Greece

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