DC 484 When I say NO ..

This week, enough. When I say No, I mean No. Finding releases other than music and tech, and finding it soothing.
Tributes to Amy Winehouse come in. How did she expire? Should I talk about foreign affairs? Dubstep and Grime now in Chambers Dictionary. It’s not the OED is it? Spotify open their doors to developers to make it cool. George Clooney bows out of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., I did not realise they were doing one, and Madonna’s SEX Book, now one of the most sort after out of print books. Im sure I can find one in Soho, here in London.

Picture: The Knutz

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You will hear:
Weathered Ivan: Love We Need, USA
Rev78: Had You Back Again, UK
Fire Island Pines: Heaven Til You Say, UK
Experiments with Machines: Owls, UK
Polar Kid: Norsk, UK
Snow Panda: Reception, UK
Chinese Man: Miss Chang (Radio Edit), France
The Knutz: Ghost Dance Party, Brazil
Convergence: Always The Same, Italy
Flearoy: Amanda’s Song, USA

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