DarkCompass 394 – I won't do what you tell me!


This week, making time, recording twice. How much does it cost to make a little DarkCompass Festival? Northern Bands are more in your face. Rage against the machine for Christmas, Cowell hates that, Hit the Facebook group, and BUY HERE from Saturday. Susan Boyle, for Christmas, not for torrents.

You will hear:

  1. Hi Fi Connection, by Five Star Iris – USA
    Five Star Iris - Live Fools - Hi-Fi Connection
  2. Blurry Mind, by Aeon – Croatia(Known Cold Records)
  3. Rocketheart, by Santa Hates You – Germany
    Santa Hates You - Rocket Heart EP - Rocket Heart
  4. I was the Riot at the Art School last night, By The King Hats – Scotland
    The King Hats - I Was a Riot At the Art School Last Night - Single - I Was a Riot At the Art School Last Night
  5. Karate for Fat Girls, by Killer Godzilla – UK
    Killer Godzilla - Killer Godzilla - Karate for Fat Girls
  6. Suburban Gray, by The Ism – USA
    The Ism - New World - Suburban Gray
  7. This is usually the part where people scream, by Alesana – USA
    Alesana - Where Myth Fades to Legend - This Is Usually the Part Where People Scream
  8. No Connection, by Viola – Finland
  9. Push On, by Bella Ruse – USA
  10. Seek and Destroy, by The Vile Evils – US/USA

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