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The Kiara Elles

This week,Calming down for the weekend. Interview with The Kiara Elles, The return of Graham Cobbett, and his fight against Dell and Microsoft. Noise pollution, courtesy of Madonna, Lily bashing and Neo-luddites. The demise of Vic Mizzy, and not paying attention to Nick Griffin.
You will hear:

  1. Fear the Strange, by Idols are Higher – UK
    Idols Are Higher - Saturnalia - Fear the Strange
  2. Mid Air, by Naama Hillman – UK – Vote for her by tweeting @naamahillman here
  3. Odio, by The Kiara Elles – UK
  4. Touch, by Paul Cusick – UK
    Paul Cusick - Focal Point - Touch
  5. Gomez, by Vic Mizzy – USA
  6. Bloodstain, Celt Islam (meets Kenzie) – UK
  7. Haloma, by iChora – Australia
    ichora - Veins of Light - Haloma
  8. Ever the Optimist, by Lights out Dancing – USA
    Lights Out Dancing - Ever the Optimist - Ever the Optimist
  9. About a Girl, by Nirvana – USA
    Nirvana - Bleach - About a Girl

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