DC1029 Strain Pray

New tunes from Malacoda, At the Gates, Eyes Wide Open and Nanowar of Steel this week, with a full on metal satchel of music from around the world.

  1. Malacoda – The Strain 0:00
  2. Space Chaser – The Immortals 4:55
  3. Eyes Wide Open – Burn ‘Em 8:36
  4. Headspawn – Satellite 13:25
  5. Riseup – Prophecy 18:50
  6. Malevolence – Slithering 23:43
  7. Nanowar of Steel – La Polenta Taragnarock 26:34
  8. At The Gates – The Paradox 33:16
  9. Dagoba – The Hunt 37:56
  10. Lunar Woods – Dead End 43:24
  11. Moon Reaper – Time Warper 49:22
  12. Kvasir – Where Gods Go To Pray 55:12

DC753 Sepulchre Within

  • Abysmal Grief: Sepulchre of Misfortune (from “Reveal Nothing”, Italy, Terror from Hell Records, AgainstPR)
  • Dreamarcher: Impending Doom (from “Dreamarcher”, Oslo, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  • Barrow Wight: The Cult (from “In Saurons Service”, Canada, Heavy Chain Records, AgainstPR)
  • Jupiter Hollow: Deep in Space (from “Odyssey”, Ontario, Canada, Asher)
  • Dead Conspiracy: Cruelty Through Ripping Torture (from “Dead Conspiracy”, Oregon, USA, Self Release, Clawhammer)
  • Elixir: Beyond Dreams (from “Where The Secret Lies”, South America, Maple Metal Records)
  • Misteyes: Creeping Time (from “Creeping Time”, Torino, Italy, Maple Metal Records)
  • The Parasite Syndicate: Red Sky (from “Red Sky”, Nottingham, UK, Self Release, BJF Media)
  • Callidice: Beast in Me (from “Scarlet”, Finland, Inverse Records)
  • The Descent: The Warrior Within (from “The Coven of Rats”, Bilbao, Spain, Suspiria Records, Grand Sounds)


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