DC697 Edge of The Deep

  1. Animal Hands: Edge of The World (Single Release)
  2. The Courtesans: Indigo (from “1917”, London, UK)
  3. The Deltorers: She Looks Nice (Bournmouth, UK)
  4. Kancho! : Paper Boat (from “Two Finger Salute”, Oxford, UK)
  5. Killing Joke: Euphoria (from “Pylon”, UK)
  6. Judd Madden: River (from “Waterfall II”, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia)
  7. Tanagra: Antietam (from “None of This is Real”, Portland, Oregon, USA)
  8. Scale The Summit: Pontus Euxinus (from “V”, Texas, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  9. Descent from Aten: Circles (Clacton-On-Sea, UK)
  10. Black .44: Into The Grace (from “No Blanks”, Helsinki, Finland)
  11. Synapses: Force-Fed with Gore (from “Devoutness”, Italy)
  12. Gomorrah: A Disaster’s Nightmare (Single Release, British Colombia, Canada, Asher)
  13. Jusska: Swoon (Antwerp, Belgium)
  14. One Life Left: Beacons (Single Release, Birmingham, UK)
  15. Orca: Stitch (London, UK)
  16. Serocs: When the Ground Swallows Us (from And When The Sky was Opened”, Mexico)
  17. Horrendous: Polaris (from “Anareta”, East Coast, USA, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  18. New Cold War: Never Coming Home (Las Vegas, USA)
  19. Evertrapped: Underneath the Deep (from “Under the Deep”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)


DC 486 Book of Tosh

This week, a good week, with some nice surprises, so this podcast is fuelled by Adnams, fish and rabbits. Video Games for a classical make over, by the London Philharmonic. Why? Is this a good use of a well established musical orchestra? Guinness Book of Records, now full of stupid stuff like biggest dalek collection and most piercings. Really gone down hill in opinion. Veteran rockers extend copyright laws to 70 years, no problem with that at all, cannot expect musicians to be out of pocket.

Up for some more gigs in the coming weeks, I will keep you posted with interviews (I hope)

Picture: Transmission Party

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