DC723 Visionary Day

  1. Last Frontier: Visionary Maze (from “Theta Healing”), Italy
  2. Black Sheep: Choices (from “The Whales of The Grey Sea”,
  3. Efpix: It’s Time to Die (from “Evil Sides”, Russia)
  4. Skinflick: GlitchPig (from “I’m pissing on you but The Fire has Long Since gone Out”, Wales)
  5. Ventenner: Wave (from “Distorture”, London UK)
  6. Mortiis: Demons are Back (Marc Uselli Remix)(Norway)
  7. Evil Scarecrow: Crabulon (from “Playing Dead Trees: The Acoustic Session EP”, Nottingham, UK)
  8. laRoque: 8000 Light Years from The Sun (from “These Kings, These Subterraneans), Montreal, Canada
  9. Fear of Domination: Colossus (from “Atlas”, Finland)
  10. Suzerain: Good Day (from “Identity”, London, UK)


DC 550 Southbank Scribble

This week, cannot get warm, but I don’t complain about weather. Still not finding inspiration in anything, including gifts to myself. Amazon Vouchers all the way then. Alex’s visit to London and interview, with an interesting insight into the southbank, allowing graffiti artists to reign free. Winter Fayres and Glühwein. Kickstarter and Pledgemusic campaigns, lets get more involved people! Lastly, your homework for this week: Tell me how many song references there are in the last song.

Picture: Southbank Graffiti

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