Denigrata – Doom Laden Goth

unnamedCatching up with my listening this morning and I’ve got the new album from
Denigrata from Northampton here in the UK.
Doom filled licks with Blackened Goth laden singing. Love it.

They’ve only been around a year or two, and having this level of tightness in a field filled with blackness is a blessing to the ears.

Some things are wrong (right)

What do I find the weird stuff?
Its like Im a magnet for weird people on the street, and weird music in my ears.
This is one of the latter.
Plastic People (Twitter), are a remix outfit from Las Vegas. Van Halen on the other hand I don’t think has ever recovered from the Sammy Hagar era.
This did brighten my morning, knowing that this kind of shit exists on the internet.