DarkCompass 443 Nothing New

The Fins
This week hearing so much, keeping work noise at bay with great music. Review of the year show in January, and I want you involved. Pick your favourite track from this years show and let me know. 36 minutes of the new Harry Potter STOLEN, according to Warners, no one will care by the 20th. Nothing new with remakes of Wizard of Oz, and filming is going ahead with Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid, for Total Recall. Sex and Drugs and Rock And Roll Writer to pen biopic of Joe Strummer. What’s wrong with a coffin calendar with sexy goth chicks on it? Previously played bands with new tracks, and iTunes Beatles, will this bring more people into the digital age?

Picture: The Fins, Myspace

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DarkCompass 367 – Near Misses & Big Brothers

This week, playing with more gadgets, almost run over, heat does things to people. Total Recall confirmed, who would make a good Douglas Quayde? Tenth Big Brother starts this week (oh man, I don’t care). Woolies stock seen in other shops.

Tracks played this week are:

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