DarkCompass 455 Tune In Drop Out

Hail AnimatorThis week, end of tether with BT, and my decision to move to Virgin Media. DarkCompass and shows get on TuneIn Smartphone app for on the road listening (Download it here). The Return of Beavis and Butthead, and MTV Music, remember what the M stood for people? Rhianna tune scandal, every girl goes through an S&M phase. Gary Moore shuffle off, and “Gotchya FileSharer” UK Law firm in trouble with both court, the public and their own peers, and iPlayer App hits street is predicted, more coolness from them for everyone soon.

Picture: Hail Animator, by Jon Stanley Austin

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DarkCompass 452 – The Clinic

Recs of the FleshThis week, am I giving good advice? Tourdates Musician Clinic, was an eye opener, meeting up with Justin Wayne from The Justin Wayne Show, and Matt Stevens. Major Labels get a good idea releasing tracks the same time as they are broadcast, Brian Warner, Marilyn Manson to appear on the Austrian XFactor? Cops break up Non-Domestic, after neighbour mistakes Kinect Boxing Game for spousal abuse, and Thunderbirds are Go again!

Picture: Recs of the Flesh, Myspace

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DarkCompass 413 Volcanic Drift


This week, no sleep for the wicked. Great interview with Belladonna. Recording full on over the past week, The whole volcano and flying thing, iTunes Festival, and others including The Great Escape. Podcrawls, and I need to check out the Venue. Just been canvassed by The Labour Party for the next General Election. Register to Vote, and Vote with your heart.
Picture: Belladonna, MySpace
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