Inferno Failure

New Music from Spiritbox, Lucifer and Vexed this week. Come and tune in this Friday at 1200 UTC on Hard Rock Hell Radio, or 1300 UTC on your favourite podcatcher

On other news, an epic fail on NaPodPoMo, having missed a few days. Oh well, it was a test after all. There is always next year with international events to cover in November.

This coming show will be still on the NaPodPoMo Run, and I don’t mention it, as you may well expect.

In other news, I’ve decided to drop Twitter, even though I had a good 700 followers there. I’m now completely tired of every third post I see is someone shaking their ass. I know freedom of speech is important, but just spouting rubbish because you can? So much disinformation, and anti this, anti that. I’m tired of it. All you need to do is respect the people you meet and do what you can to make the world a better place, however small that might be. Anyone there, please feel free to follow me on Mastodon, I think thats certainly a safer place.

Don’t forget to support us in our endeavour to reach our 19th birthday next month!

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