Hurdy Gurdy Galore

Lots of Folk Metal and Classic Rock This week…

Don’t forget you can hear this live on Hard Rock Hell Radio, at 1200 this Friday, or download and listen here or your favourite Podcast Catcher from 1300 UTC.

This weeks has been a fight with making Value 4 Value work, and it is, even though no-one has boosted me yet. Maybe I’m too old school for the new kids.

NaPodPoMo is taking its toll, I’ve got half way, and thats good. More spam comments on the site than comments of encouragement, so comments have been disabled again. I though people had moved away from posting weird shit on the comments and move it to Facebook or TikTok

SFW Radio is no more, with the Station manager moving aware from the Hard Rock Hell Group. We wish her luck on her new projects.

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