Splitting Moons

Latest show lots of progressive long tunes, and some more NaPodPoMo news.

This weeks show will have long tracks, with the shortest one being 6:30. I know that sometimes these are unpopular.

This weeks show will be on Hard Rock Hell on Friday 3rd November 1200 UTC, again at 1400 UTC Sunday and on SFW Radio at 2100 Monday 6th November, and as a Podcast from Friday 4rd at 1300 on your favourite podcast-catcher, links here. On another note, we are still posting to Mixcloud for the benefit of our Hard Rock Hell Radio Users, but it’s a post from the podcast into their system and can take up to 48 hours for it to appear. If you are a mixcloud listener, and I know there’s still a few, it’s easier to just download using Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Links on the Feed Page. The Mixcloud page will be dropping to a standard account, so only 9 shows will be up at any one time. I’ll be keeping the interview on there, as that was a bit of fun and had mainstream bands in it.

On the Spotify Podcast front I’ve noticed a few of the episodes, like the Halloween Special the other week, have been rejected and so are not on the feed. Might I suggest using a different Podcatcher?

NoPodPoMo, to be honest is getting harder, keeping things going for a month. does seem very stressful, I hate stress. I will keep trying.

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