And So It Starts

This week’s show features new bands and debut singles, as well as some great progressive tech metal.

This weeks show will be on Hard Rock Hell on Friday 3rd November 1200 UTC, again at 1400 UTC Sunday and on SFW Radio at 2100 Monday 6th November, and as a Podcast from Friday 3rd at 1300 on your favourite podcast-catcher, links here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the Halloween Special last night, drop me a line if you did. We’ve started NaPodPomo, and the first entry will be this evening on the Extra Feed.

We also have the monthly special on our extra feed on Sunday, as part of the NaPodPoMo event we’re doing. Stay tuned on our Extra Feed for that.

There is also a Top 20 coming up this Monday on Hard Rock Hell Radio, just compiling it now. Busy Busy

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