A slow build up …

A fantastic collection of hard rock and metal on this weeks show…

With new bands like Onlap, and Grymheart. There’s some great tunes from some favourites, like Gama Bomb and a brilliant cover from Accidental President. Well worth hearing this Friday, either on your favourite radio station Hard Rock Hell Radio, your smart-speaker, or in a Podcast catcher of your choice.

In other news, the DarkCompass Extra feeds are all fully active for Google and Amazon Music, so feel free to subscribe there.

New artwork is getting posted up to Instagram now, so if you like the art of each show, hit a like there please,

Looking forward to Halloween? Well we have a great special on the night, just for the podcast listeners and on Mixcloud, so be sure to come and have a listen to some new spooky tunes, as well as some classic we play on the podcast.

With the older shows posts, we’re seeing people going back and listening. The audio file link on the pages for the past few years will be working, but if you find a post that has a broken or missing audio file, please let me know by email or the socials, and we will fix.

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