DC1125 SFW Between The Black

A rename to bring DarkCompass’ recorded for SFW Radio into line with all the other DarkCompass shows I’ve recorded over the years.

An eclectic mix of Rock, Indie, Punk and Electronica, the format for the SFW Shows hasnt changed. Tracks from Your Gaze, Exploring Birdsong, Worldwide Panic and more.

  1. Brava Kilo & Annie Sumi – Stone Between The Lips
  2. Alt. – The Great Depression
  3. On – Underdog
  4. Your Gaze – Expression
  5. Toronto is Broken – Blood Rites
  6. Purity Fire – Bitter is The Taste
  7. Exploring Birdsong – Bear The Weight
  8. Hurricane #1 – Everyone Laughed
  9. Worldwide Panic – Everybody Wants to Rule The World
  10. Resolution 13 – Paradise Circus
  11. The God Bombs – Black and Yellow