Mixcloud, its changing

Mixcloud in order to keep itself together is changing how that works.

I understand why they’re doing it. Things are getting expensive, and Mixcloud needs to keep afloat.

Mixcloud has been a source for DJs to upload and share mixes, build a community and encourage like-minded people to do the same. Created for people with a love of music DJ and Music Creators, by like-minded people. It’s a great system, and long may it continue, and we at DarkCompass, SFW, and Hard Rock Hell Radio will continue to use it. Their move to this will disrupt most, I don’t know how many use the free tier, most of the DJs at Hard Rock Hell Radio do, including myself, hence this blog post.

How this affects DarkCompass directly?, well, it means having Mixcloud be a source for the shows is now gone. It’ll be here instead, as it should be. I’m in an almost unique standpoint when it comes to my shows. I already have an established podcast (which I almost threw away 3 months ago out of frustration, I’m glad I didn’t), so that will continue.

Specials will be on Mixcloud for a while, then moved to The Internet Archive, with links updated in the posts. Any takeovers will be fed from the Show Hosts Mixcloud accounts. I’m not intending to sign up for a pro account at Mixcloud, I did for a little while, it didnt benefit DarkCompass.

If you cannot find a show that you want to listen to here, please feel free to drop me a line via the contact form, Twitter, Facebook, or email (links below), and I’ll get the show page updated for you. It’s going to be a long slow process, to sever to ties of five years with Mixcloud.