DC1095 The End, Jane

This is an Alternative Mixtape Special, a very eclectic mix of tunes, worthy of very early DarkCompass.

This ones a long time in coming as I don’t get much of this anymore. It’s not a bad thing, it just makes this all the more special.

  1. Rune – Hawkings and The End (Alt Rock)
  2. Ventenner – Neon (Alt Rock)
  3. Nick Vassallo – The Eternal Return (Chamber)
  4. Emily-Rose & The Wild Things – Golden Light (Indie Rock, Lounge)
  5. AntiClone – Human (Industrial)
  6. Yeah, Sick! – The Little Book of Calm (Thrash)
  7. Rector Scanner – Flourmenschen (Techno)
  8. Cubic – Argon (Club Edit) (Electronica)
  9. Gldn – Parasite (Industrial)
  10. The Sweet Kill – Darkness (Alt Rock, Goth, Shoegaze)
  11. The God Bombs – Bad Man (Goth, Electronica)
  12. Clt Drp – Aftermath (Electronica)
  13. Celldweller – Soul Parasites (Industrial)
  14. Kroh – The Garden of Jane Delawney (Alt Rock, Doom)
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