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HRH Metal Show 16 Aug 19

Another takeover of Hard Rock Hell Metal Show’s airwaves with tracks from The Agonist, Opeth, Korn, Bearers, Servers, and lots lots more.

The Agonist – In Vertigo

As Vultures Circle – As The Rooster Crows

Oberst – A Stranger Place Pt2

Seraph in Travail – You will be my vengence

Meridion – The Meridional Cult

Aubzagl – The Hermit

Lyken21 – Sanctified

Dreamarcher – A Fail of Design

Crown the Empire – MZRY

Equilibrium – A Lost Generation

Ardours – Truths

Skindred – Under Attack

Tyr – Ragnars Kvæði

Skalmöld – Narfi

Clutch – Evil

Total Hate – Venomed Seed

Killswitch Engaged – Unleashed

Opeth – Heart in Hand

Suicide Silence – Bludgeoned to Death

Korn – You’ll Never Know

Bearers – Confessions

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