Helevorn – Aamamata

Melancholic doom outfit Helevorn has a great new LP out on the 23rd called Aamamata.

The band started in 1999 in Palma, Spain, and has been exhibiting their elegant and gloomy music around the world ever since. Their demo expressed 90’s Gothic Doom styles which are just a prevalent today as they were then.

Samuel Morales swirling guitars and Josep Brunet’s vocals on “Goodbye, Hope” epitomises the style, dark and heavy.
The storylines are certainly important and express today’s heartache and pain of refugees and the wartorn.

Some very accomplished artists here, producing some great, well put together tracks.

Flavours of Katatonia, and even early Sisters of Mercy (especially in “Aurora”), this new LP solidifies a style which I’ve not really thought about. I’ve likened Doom and Goth to be two sides of the same plate with familiar bass lines and lyrics, but not mixed in the middle. It works, and I’m surprising myself that I’ve not discovered this before.  I’m sure that there’s something in these songs, and indeed their back catalogue, for anyone that like Goth and Doom.

The album will be available from their website http://www.helevorn.com/ on the 23rd, and I’m sure it will be on digital too.

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