DC868 Weapons Prophet


Birthday Show, DarkCompass is 14 years old.

  1. Phoxjaw – Weapons
  2. Create a Kill – Cold Blooded
  3. Blood and Thunder – Blood Puddle
  4. Audio Reign – Breaks Me
  5. Kneel before The Death – Miserere Mei
  6. Clutch – Hot Bottom Feeder
  7. L’Ira Del Baccano – Live Jam on Sussurri Theme
  8. Madvice – A Day to Fight, A Day yo Suffer
  9. Astronoid – I Dream in Lines
  10. KLOGR – Like A Stone
  11. Father Merrin – A Prophet Self-Denied


DC867 Betrayal Go

Audio Reign

  1. Audio Reign – Betrayal
  2. Graveyard – It Ain’t Over Yet
  3. Chrome Division – I’m on Fire Tonight
  4. Skalmöld – Sverðið
  5. Metal Church – By The Numbers
  6. Aenimus – Before The Eons
  7. Tragodia – Master of The Loss
  8. Blackstar Republic – Nuclear Hollywood
  9. To An End – We Are Infinite (feat Chris Clancy from Mutiny Within)
  10. Psychostick – From The Heart (I Hate You)
  11. Ventenner – Let Me Go (Feat Cold in Berlin)


For the Best of…

I keep forgetting to mention on the show, and on the socials, that you dear listener can influence the best of show at the end of the month.

Just email me [email protected] or tweet me @darkcompass or facebook me https://facebook.com/darkcompasspage what track you would like to hear again.  With a selection of almost 500 tracks this year, I’m sure there’s one you’ve liked.

Deadline for this is the 21st December, as I’ll be recording it shortly after, for the 28th.