DC845 Demons Tongue

Hanzel Und Gretyl – We Rise As Demons https://hanzelundgretyl.bandcamp.com/
Wölfblood – Ride with Satan https://wolfblood.bandcamp.com
Into Eternity – Sandstorm http://www.intoeternity.net/
Tyranno – Satan’s Domain https://tyranno666.bandcamp.com
The Heretic Order – Evil Rising http://thehereticorder.com/
Rough Grind – Leap of Faith https://www.facebook.com/RoughGrindBand/
Urne – Dust Atlas https://www.facebook.com/urneband/
Helion Prime – Silent Skies https://helionprimemetal.com
Ominous Eclipse – Spiral into Insanity https://ominouseclipse.bandcamp.com
Walking Dead of Broadway – Hostage To The Empire https://www.facebook.com/wdobmetal
Powerwolf – Incense and Iron https://www.powerwolf.net
The Agony Scene – Serpent’s Tongue https://www.facebook.com/agonyscene

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