DC824 Alles Earth

Die Leere Im Kern Deiner Hoffnung


Die Leere Im Kern Deiner Hoffnung – Ich Bin Alles http://www.dieleereimkerndeinerhoffnung.de/

Tempting Fate – Iā€™d Rather Burn https://temptingfate.bandcamp.com/

Ancst – Concrete Veins https://angstnoise.bandcamp.com/

Ode in Black – Goodbye http://www.odeinblack.com

Divine Planet – To The Wasteland http://www.divineplanet.co.uk/

Global Warning – A Deafening Silence https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Global_Warning/56545

Joda Cema – Baston http://jodacema.com/

Locotus – Virus of Humanity https://locotus.bandcamp.com/

Dark Archive – Closure of Empyrean Delirium https://www.facebook.com/darkarchiveband/

RacheEngel – Uber Dunnes Eis http://www.rache-engel.net/

Aetherian – Dark Earth https://aetherianband.bandcamp.com/

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