DC780 Lyra Amnemti

  1. Pigeon Lake – Lyra
    from “Barriers Fall”, Norway, Wormhole Death.
  2. Roctum – Nothing to do with Hell
    Single Release, Finland, Inverse Records
  3. Human God – Real Me
    Single Release, Helsinki, Finland, Inverse Records
  4. Whitenails – Damn Judas
    from “First Trip”, Canada, Magnetic Eye
  5. Act of Sin – Breaking Point
    from “Casting the Second Stone”, Ontario, Canada
  6. Apallic – Metal Prison
    from “Of Fate and Sanity”, Germany, Boersma Records
  7. Descent into Maelstrom – Castle of Otranto
  8. Father Befouled – Mortal Awakening
  9. Feeding – Dregs
    from “Feeding”, Alberta, Canada, Asker
  10. Iconclasm – Out for Blood
    from “Iconoclasm EP”, Pensylvania, USA, Horror Pain Gore Death Records.
  11. Golers – Charged
  12. Kalopsia – Scorced Earth and Blackened Skies
    from “Angel Plague” , New Jersey, USA, Horror Pain Gore Death Records.
  13. Monobrow – We can make it look like an accident
    from “The Nacarat”, Ontario, Canada
  14. Prometheus – Vulture all Black
    from “Consumed in Flames”, Katoptron IX Records
  15. Sacred Oath – Fighter’s Heart
    from “Twelve Bells”, USA, Angel Thorn Music
  16. Serpentshrine – Transvecti Limtribus Amnemti
    from “Besetting the Altar”, Virginia, USA


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