DC748 Pulse to Die With

… with additional Halloweenie goodness, with styles from Bloody Horror to smooth Psycho Rock and Roll.

  1. Parasite Inc. The Pulse of The Dead (From “Time Tears Down”, Germany)
  2. Tactus: Colosus (from “Bending Light”, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, Asher)
  3. Vola: Stray The Skies (from “inmates”, Denmark)
  4. In Death: Every Burial (from “The Devil Speaks”, Australia, Clawhammer)
  5. Scorched: Rot in Confinement (from “Echoes of Dismemberment”, Delaware, USA, Unspeakable Axe Records)
  6. Eternal Halloween: Eternal Halloween (Single)
  7. Numenor: Aeons of Magick (from “Swords and Sorcery”, Serbia, Stygian Crypt Productions)
  8. Helsott: Agamemnon (from “Woven”, USA, Asher)
  9. Solilquium: The Sorrow Path (from “An Empty Frame”, Sweden)
  10. Nine Miles South: Bones (Single Release, UK)
  11. Zombina and The Skeletones: Nobody likes you when you’re Dead (Liverpool, UK)
  12. Black Oath: A Song To Die With (from “Litanies In The Dark”, Italy)



DC747 Bridgeburner Heart

Hard Rock and Metal from Canada, Australia, and Europe this week. At time of recording The UK is STILL in Europe. Deal with it.

  1. Soulwound: Bridgeburner (Finland)
  2. Until We Die: Blessed with Insanity (from “A World in Flames”, Melbourne Australia)
  3. Venom Prison: Celestial Patricide (from “Animus”, UK, Prosthetic Records)
  4. Hyperion: Flagellum Dei (from “Seraphical Euphony”, Stockhol, Sweden, Black Lion Records)
  5. Mortiis: Geisteskrank (Single Release, Oslo, Norway)
  6. Antimateria: Kun Aukeaa Mysteerit Kuoleman (from “Valo aikojen takaa”, Finland, Purity Through Fire Records)
  7. Atlas: A Waltz (from “Death & Fear, Sweden, 1st November)
  8. Kingbreaker: Straitjacket (Single Release, UK)
  9. Shark Infested Daughters: Glass Kingdom (from “These Tides, Our Tombs”, Calgary, Canada, Asher)  11th November
  10. Jupiter Hollow: Hades Heart (Single Release, Ontario, Canada)



DC746 Rattlesnake Heroes

This week Metal, Doom and Thrash from The USA, Canada, Europe.

  1. Smokey Fingers: Rattlesnake Trail (from “Promised Land”, Italy, Tanzan Music)
  2. Nina Cobra: I am A Man (Swiss/Canada)
  3. Project Theory: Guardian Angel (from “Something Between Us”, Greece, Sliptrick Records)
  4. Dethonator: I am Thunder God (from “I am Thundergod/Harbinger” Double A Side, UK)
  5. The Reticent: The Girl Broken (from “On The Eve of A Goodbye”, Heaven and Hell Records)
  6. Bent Sea: Caged Cruelty (from “Ascend”)
  7. Hellgoat: Scars of Our Devotion (from “Eden in Flames”,  Atlanta, USA, Boris Records / Pale Horse Records)
  8. Source: Serpent (from “Return to Nothing”, Boulder, Colorada, USA, Pavement Records)
  9. Uforia: Fight or Flight (from “Fight or Flight”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  10. Chine: Floating (from “Imanent”, Sweden)
  11. Easy Trigger: Sold Out (from “Ways of Perseverance”, Verona, Italy)
  12. October File: Heroes are Welcome (UK)




DC745 Witness Mine

  1. Kingbreaker: Bury The Witness (from “To The Fire”, London, UK)
  2. Hard Charger: Shipwrecked (from “Bad Omens”, Canada, Asher)
  3. Slammin Thru: Seeing Eye (from “Things to Come”, Spain)
  4. Death Design: Drown with Me (from “Drown with Me”,  Pori, Finland, Inverse Records)
  5. Drakarium: Naine Blanche (from “Drakarium”,  Quebec, Canada)
  6. Tanpopo Crisis: Funera; (from “Everything Flows”, Myrtle Beach, S.Carolina, USA)
  7. Illustr8ors: Your Animal (single release, Bristol, UK, Stampede Press)
  8. Project Theory: Final Chapter (from “Something Between Us”, Greece)
  9. Dehumanized: Drawn by Blood (from “Beyond The Mind”, New York, USA)
  10. Heavy Glow: Mine All Mine (from “The Filth & the Fury/Pearls & Swine And Everything Fine, Cleveland, USA, Purge Records)