DC736 Graveyard Day

More and more interesting music comes my way each week, have a listen here.  Dont forget Podcrawl either, only a few weeks away.  Anyone interested in the Olympics?

  1. Castle: Welcome to The Graveyard (from “Welcome to The Graveyard”, USA, Ván Records)
  2. Evil Scarecrow: Hurricanado (Single, Nottingham, UK)
  3. Inferior: Carving the Legacy (from “The Red Beast”, Sweden, Big Balls Productions)
  4. Sheidim: Deviant Kingdom (from “Shrines of The Void”, Spain, Dark Descent Records)
  5. Archaic Decapitator: Light of a Different Sun (from “Light of a Different Sun”, Connecticut, USA)
  6. Revenience: Blown Away by The Wind (from “Daedalum”, Italy, Sliptrick)
  7. Sworn to Oath: New Beginning (Stoke, UK)
  8. Ygodeh: Clinic of Maleficent (from “Clinic of Maleificent”, London, UK)
  9. hereAndNow: becauseWeCan (from “Flipside Story”, Sofia, Bulgaria)
  10. The Hypothesis: End of Your Days (from “Origin”, Finland, Inverse Records)
  11. Agresiva: Hell Town (from “Eternal Foe”, Spain)
  12. Dominance: Dear Next Victim (from XX: The Rising Vengence”, Italy)
  13. Third Ion: State of Flux (from “Biolith”, Canada)
  14. Betrayal: Monuments (from “Infinite Circles”, Germany, Transcending Records)
  15. Ascent: Useles (from “Dont Stop when you Walk Through Hell”, Russia, Grand Sounds PR)
  16. The Apprehended: Wisteria (from “At Arms Length”, South Carolina, USA, Imminence Records)
  17. Banned from Hell: You Are My Blood (from “Fall of Humanity”, Italy, Sliptrick)
  18. Children of Seraph: Decapitator (from “Warrior of Light, USA)
  19. Iron Fire: For Whom The Bell Tolls (from “Among The Dead”, Denmark, Crime Records, Clawhammer PR)
  20. Berserker: The Day Human Died (from “Dark Worlds Collide”, Lithuania, Sliptrick)



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