DC740 Club of Flags

Summer mixtape this week

Unhoped: Club of Swines (from Sonic Violence, Finland) http://www.unhopedband.com/

Humanity Delete: Lairhunter (Sweden) https://www.reverbnation.com/humanitydelete

Save The Clock Tower: The Familiar Decay (from The Familiar // The Decay, Australia, Collision Course PR) http://www.savetheclocktowermusic.com/

Rekoma: Lambs of Sacrifice (from Circle of Hate, Finland, Inverse Records) http://rekomaband.wixsite.com/rekoma

Hands off Gretel: Little Man (from Burn The Beauty Queen, London, UK) http://www.handsoffgretel.co.uk/

Cocaine Piss: Ugly Face On (from The Dancer, Liege, Belgium) https://cocainepiss.bandcamp.com/ out on 30th September

Medevil: An Empty Glass (from Conductor of Storms, British Colombia, Canada, Asher) http://www.medevilmusic.com/

Cryfemal: El Camino (from Increibles Tormetos, Spain, Mercenary Music) https://www.facebook.com/cryfemal666

X-Method: Brutal as Fuck (from Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music, USA, Pavement Music) http://www.xmethod1.com/

Violentor: Burning in Hell (Tuscany, Italy, Grandsounds) https://violentor666.bandcamp.com/

Nox Formulae: Voudon Lwa Legba (from The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy, Dark Descent Records) https://www.facebook.com/NoxFormulae

Cascade: Deadweight (Manchester, UK) https://www.facebook.com/CascadeLive

Rattleplague: As I Perish (from Bourbon Scenes EP, Finland, Inverse Records) https://www.facebook.com/rattleplague

Void King: Raise The Flags (from There is Nothing, Indiana, USA) https://voidking.bandcamp.com/



DC739 Trap Gloom

A Higher Demise: It’s a Trap (from The Doctor Will See you Now, Kent, UK, Ambicon) http://www.facebook.com/AHigherDemiseUK

Hard Charger: Conquer Darkness (from Bad Omens, Canada, Asher) https://www.facebook.com/hardchargermusic

Bloid: Pandemic (from Rise to Ruination, Netherlands, Wormhole Death) https://www.facebook.com/BloidMetal

Worshipper: Step Behind (from Shadow Hymns, Boston, USA, TeePee Records) https://worshipper.bandcamp.com

Scythia: Laugh of The Tsar (from Lineage, Canada) http://www.scythia.ca/

Mystic Syntax: Fractal Reality (from Revelation, Ohio, USA, Direct) https://www.facebook.com/mysticsyntax

Sarcofago: Satanas (from Die … Hard, Brazil, Greyhaze Records) http://www.greyhazerecords.com/

Moth’s Circle Flight: Bursting in the Existence (from My Entropy, Italy, Direct) https://www.facebook.com/Mothscircleflight/

SubRosa: Killing Rapture (from For This We Fought The Battle of Ages, USA, Profound Lore) https://subrosa.cc/

Skeletonwitch: The Apothic Gloom (from The Apothic Gloom, Ohio, USA, Prosthetic Records) https://www.facebook.com/skeletonwitch