Rhine: An Outsider

If you’re fan of Opeth, Devin Townsend, Enslaved then Rhine‘s new release ‘An Outsider’ is one for you to check out. There’s a bit everything that fans of most metal subgenres will enjoy. Just listen and you will see what I mean.

The 10 track full length was unleashed on Friday on Feb 5th as a self-release to follow up 2011’s debut ‘Duality’, which was first a solo effort by band founder Gabriel Tachell (guitar and vocals) whom is now joined by Alex Smolin on guitar (ex-Metameric), James Porter on bass (Ideofone), and Carlos Delgado (Inferion, ex-Death Crowned King) to collaborate on this project.

Band founder Gabriel Tachell comments on the release:

“The name An Outsider is about the struggle that comes with being different, it’s a love/hate situation. You want to shine but you’re afraid of it at the same time. You want to create trends, not follow them, but it’s scary to be the first one. It also has to do with social struggles and always feeling like a stranger. The album isn’t entirely cohesive though, no song is alike, we experiment a lot with mixing genres. It’s really all over the map emotionally too, not just angry and dark, but sometimes totally ironic or sometimes very deep and inspiring. It mixes in emotions you wouldn’t typically hear on a metal record like joy and nostalgia. The listening experience is a journey that won’t get you worn out on a single emotion, instead it is dynamic like we are as humans.”