Burn The Curtain!

I’ll be back.

Ok, I did say that the last show was, the last show.  However, after being inundated with emails, messages and actual people coming to me and saying what the hell are you quitting for, I could not answer them.

It’s not as if I’ve got anything else to do, and after recording that show, I felt as if nothing had changed.  I thought – end this and go onto something else.

There was nothing there to replace it, and nor did I want something to replace the show.

A few things have to change for me though before I come back.

The commitments I had whilst I was podcasting, they can’t all come back.  So even though I’m going to still be a member of music podcasting, I wont be an admin for it, same goes for Made in The UK and my co-hosting for Insomnia Radio UK.  Those podcasts are mature enough to run without my help.

Another thing, I need to do a bit more for the artists.  Not just playing the tunes, but something else, maybe  Charity.  Something I need to think about.

So, I’ll be back in a few weeks, keep your RSS Feeds open, and for now enjoy Psychosticks new Single Megaman