DC693 Mountains Song

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  1. Vinnie Jonez Band: To The Mountains (from “Supernothing”, Italy)
  2. Black December: With This ending (from “Vol 1”, Metropolis Records)
  3. Jack Dalton: Unpreventable Paterns (Oslo, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  4. Teufelskreis: Verloren (from “Spuren der Vergangenheit“, Austria , NRT Records)
  5. Reasons Behind:The Ghost under My Skin (from “The Alpha Memory”, Bologna, Italy)
  6. Luna Rise: For A Reason (from “Dark Days & Bright Nights”, Enns, Austria, NRT Records)
  7. Abhorrent Deformity: Crown of Worms (from “Entity of Malevolence”, North Carolina, USA)
  8. Antagonist Zero: No Tears (Single Release, Finland)
  9. Broken Flesh: Forever in Flames (from “Broken Flesh”, Oklahoma, USA, Luxor Records)
  10. Children of The Seraph: Burning Ones (Tacoma, Washington, USA)
  11. Dogbane: Calm before The Swarm (from “When Karma Comes Calling”, North Carolina, USA)
  12. LTNT: Boss Lady (from “Rank”, London UK)
  13. The Mini Band: Step into The Light  (Thatcham, UK)
  14. Riwen: The Blackest Blood (from “The Cold”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  15. Rosetta: (Untitled V) (from “Quintessential Ephemera”, Philadelphia, USA)
  16. Saint[The]Sinner: Theatre of Broken Dreams (South Coast, UK)
  17. Taken With The Tides: Tales of Being Taken Alive (from “Tales of Being Taken Alive”, Laredo, Texas, USA)
  18. Train Bigger Monkeys: Monster (from “Canadian Tour 2015 EP”, Calgary, Canada, Asher Media)
  19. Yellowtooth: Meet Mr. Mossberg (from “Crushed by The Wheels of Progress”, Indiana, USA)
  20. Voodoo Vegas: Hypnotise (from “Hypnotise”, South Coast, UK)
  21. Autopsy Boys: Song for Debbera (feat Debbie Rochon) (Single Release, Leeds, UK)


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