DC 591 The Pattern Forms Beyond The Line


  1. Last Chance To Reason: Cosmos – The Pattern Forms USA, Prosthetic
  2. Heart of A Coward: Nauseam UK
  3. Monsterworks: From Dust and Gravity UK, Eat Lead & Die, ClawhammerPR
  4. Dark Design: Meditiations USA, Heaven and Hell Records, ClawhammerPR
  5. American Head Charge: Set Yourself on Fire USA
  6. October File: Friendly Fire UK, Candlelight
  7. Gregg Fox: J.S.Rock USA, MusicSubmit
  8. Nephren-Ka: The Rise of Omnius France, Kaotoxin , ClawhammerPR
  9. Masada: Exit to Rot USA, Deathgasm, ClawhammerPR
  10. Buffalo Summer: Keep on Runnin’ UK, Cargo, Stampede Press UK
  11. Divinity: Beg to Consume Canada, Asher
  12. Beheading of The King: Handcrafted Canada, Asher
  13. Nothing Left For Tomorrow: Nightbreed Canada, Asher
  14. Argus: No Peace Beyond the Line USA, Cruz Del Sur Music, Clawhammer

Picture: Monsterworks

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