DC 587 Panic and Rage


  1. The Gashers: Panic USA, Squidhat Records
  2. Attack Ships on Fire: Dear Annie USA, Squidhat Records
  3. All Else Fails: Anti Martyr Canada
  4. Dot The Eye: Revolution Serbia, Donarus
  5. Extol: Behold The Sun Norway
  6. Tolerance: Lutin Venezuela
  7. Until Dawn: This Fallen Fortress Canada, Asher
  8. I, The Writer: … Falling to Pieces UK
  9. The Charm The Fury: A Testament Netherlands,
  10. Doll: Ragdoll Canada, Asher
  11. A Different Ending: Inner You Greece
  12. Heaven Can Wait: Silence of The Road Turkey, Jamendo
  13. Grenouer: All in The Suit You Wear Russia, Direct
  14. Night Verses: Rage USA, Southworld

Picture: The Charm The Fury

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