DCMS 87 Mad Metal March Rhan Tri: Hammerfest5

Part 3 of the Mad Metal March is a trip out to North Wales and Hammerfest 5, In Fear of The Dragon. This is the third time we’ve been and it’s kept getting better and better. Here is a little compilation of tracks from bands who’ve played, and are playing this years shindig. Of course I’ll be talking more about it next time.

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DCMS 86 Mad Metal March Part Deux

MMMII, some great tracks to swing your axe too, whether that be a guitar, battle axe, or even guitar hero, which I beat my children at finally on easy setting, ahem.
At least I got 100% on Schools Out, that must count for something, told you I was going crazy.

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DC 564 Underpowered

This week, a decision made; Podcrawl London 2013 will be 22nd June, as 18th May is The Great Escape, I’ll update the main sites next week, but it’s now confirmed.
A busy weekend with more shows being pumped out – DCMS, AMPed and a new Made in the UK Show with any luck, with recording next weeks show 4 days early ready for me to go to Hammerfest, a full on few days.
Nuns kicked out of pub twice in one night, but it’s all for charity.
Bonnie Tyler is our Eurovision chance, do we stand a chance, the last offer was terrible. Lets hope,
Chinese Man offers groin felt love to girl, who thinks it’s moisturiser – and then gets compensation. Poor lad.
Site update, split it all up – hope you like it, comments please.
Picture: The Foreign Resort

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