DCMS 87 Mad Metal March Rhan Tri: Hammerfest5

Part 3 of the Mad Metal March is a trip out to North Wales and Hammerfest 5, In Fear of The Dragon. This is the third time we’ve been and it’s kept getting better and better. Here is a little compilation of tracks from bands who’ve played, and are playing this years shindig. Of course I’ll be talking more about it next time.

You will hear:

  1. Sodom: The Stuggle Within (Germany)
  2. Napalm Death: Fall on Their Swords (UK)
  3. Arthemis: Scars on Scars (Italy)
  4. Attica Rage: Dark City (Scotland)
  5. Shear: The Awaking (Finland)
  6. Chimp Spanner: Bad Code (UK)
  7. Killing Joke: In Excelsis (UK)
  8. 4 Arm: Submission For Liberty (Australia)
  9. Evil Scarecrow: Blacken The Everything (UK)
  10. Flayed Disciple: Ejaculate While Killing (UK)
  11. Triaxis: Lies (Wales)
  12. Winterfylleth: The Swart Raven (UK)

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